Who we are?

Archishop, Who are we?

Why Pre-drawn Plans?

Pre-drawn plans, are much cheaper and easier then designing a custom building. All building plans have been pre-drawn and all buildings have been designed to work on any site, all document, details and calculations have been done. 

What do you get Pre-Drawn building plans.

What you'll get when you buy a plan?

More information.

Option 1 and 2: Council drawings and Basic Construction drawings. (with BOQ as option 2)

Pre-Drawn building plans option 1

Pre-Drawn building plans option 3 and 4

Option 3 and 4: Council drawings and Construction drawings. (with BOQ as option 4)

How does it work?

First you search for the plans you are looking for. You can search by size, style or bedrooms. 

Once you have found the plan you are looking for. You can choose from 4 different options per plan. (See What do I get?) then you click on buy it now. and proceed with the checkout steps.

You will then receive a client information sheet. This will provide us with all the necessary information to add your chosen plan, onto your site. You will also have to forward us a copy of the title deeds, indicating ownership of the stand. Should the stand be financed by the bank, the bank will be able to give you a copy of your title deeds.

Once the site plan has been added to the plans, we can courier the building plans, ready for submission to the local authorities, including architects’ signature, which will be needed to submit, and SACAP and SANS XA 10400 forms and council forms.

The only thing you will still need to do is appoint a structural engineer to sign the plans, this is needed for submission to the local authorities and can be done through us as well if required, there will be an additional charge.

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