FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to order plans?

Ordering is easy. Simply browse through our variety of floor plans. You can search by Bedrooms, Size or style. Once you find a plan that you like. You can then go to that floor plan page and select a plan option (see “what do I get” tab for more info) and then click on “Buy Now”.

This will take you to the order form where you must fill in your Contact information confirm your order by clicking the “Continue to shop method” button.

Select shipping option and confirm your order by clicking on the “continue to payment method”

Select shipping address and click complete order. This will redirect you to the secure payment page. Select instant EFT and complete information to confirm and complete transaction.

Who we are?

Archishop.co.za  is the online selling partner of Archiway Architects, a reputable architectural firm based in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Archiway Architects has been designing high quality residences and high rise buildings as well as commercial and retail projects since 2001.

The online selling platform was created so that high quality residences designed by qualified architects are more accessible to customers.

What to do next?

After purchasing your plans, we will sent you a client information form. This is to get all the necessary Information we need to finalize the drawings for council submission.

Should the stand be financed by the bank, the bank will be able to give you a copy of your title deeds.

Once the siteplan has been added to the plans, we will courier the building plans to you, ready for submission to the local authorities, including architects’ signature, which will be needed to submit, and SACAP and SANS XA 10400 forms.

The only thing you will still need to do is appoint a structural engineer to sign the plans, this is needed for submission to the local authorities and can be done through us as well if required, there will be an additional charge.

Why buy plans online?

Buying ready made plans online is a far cheaper way of getting architecturally designed plans. There is no need for the design phase of the project.

Do I need to submit to the local authorities?

Yes, any plans must be submitted to our local municipality. You will need plans signed by a SACAP registered architect, a structural engineer, SANS XA 10400 forms, title deeds and zoning information to be able to submit your plans.

Archishop will supply you with the drawings signed by a SACAP registered architect, once the title deeds have been supplied by yourself, we will draw up a siteplan, indicating the position of the house on the stand and SANS XA 10400 forms. We can on request offer additional services such as a structural engineer and zoning certificates.

Do I need an architect?

Once you have received the drawings from Archishop, together with the additional information as indicated above, you are able to submit your plans to the local authorities. You will still need a SACAP registered architect to oversee the building process so the Architect can supply you with a letter of compliance or Form 4 at the end of the project so you will be able to get an occupation certificate

What is an occupation certificate?

An occupation certificate is basically a certificate from the municipality to certify that your house has been built in accordance with the approved plans and National Building regulations and you may occupy the building. Kindly note that it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain such a certificate.

Must we use Archishop as Architects?

Not necessarily, you will however have to appoint a SACAP registered architect to continue with any architectural services needed. Kindly note that we cannot be held responsible for any amendments or omission from the original plans and will not be able to sign Form 4 at completion of the project.

What is included in your plan?

Site-plan indicating position of the house on the property, orientation on site, drainage and driveway.
Floor plan indicating rooms layout, floor finishes, dimensions, drainage, water, window and door numbers.
Roof-plan, indicating roof finishes, slope and area.
Elevations indicating finishes, window and doors and drainage.
Sections indicating height of roofs and ceilings, overhangs, typical specifications.
Typical details, such as footings, window sills and roof construction.
SANS XA 10400 calculations and schedules.
Ceiling plan (Option 3 and 4 only) indicating, ceiling finishes, heights, water and geyser position.
Finishes plan (Option 3 and 4 only) indicating, floor finishes, specifications and setting out.
Electrical plan (Option 3 and 4 only) indicating, plugs and light positions and specifications. *All plans Certified by a SACAP registered architect, Ready for submission to the local building authority, Complies with South Africa's National Building Regulations.
All services not mentioned above are excluded.

Email us info@archishop.co.za for quotation on additional services.

What is not included in your plans?

Detailed bathroom layouts.
Brickwork details.
Waterproofing details.
Structural details, including storm-water design and layouts.
Electrical plan, indicating, light switches, TV points, plug-points etc.
Detailed window and door schedules.
Landscape plan.
Green initiatives, including solar and grey water systems.
Gas layouts.
Land-survey.Site supervision.

Do you include a materials cost estimate or bill of quantity (BOQ) in your plans?

List of Materials and Quantities are available on all drawings, select option 2 or 4. Please allow an additional 5 working days for delivery. International Countries may take up to 14 working days.

I’ve found a house plan I like, but there are a couple of things I’d like to change. What can I do?

If you like the basic design, but you want to add a couple of feature or changes. Email us info@archishop.co.za for quotation on any changes.

Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is included in all plans inside the borders of South Africa. For International shipping please email us at info@archishop.co.za for quotation

What size are construction drawings?

A set of drawings are 3 x A1 and all forms are A4, We fold them into A4 size.

When ordering house plans, how many plan sets do I need?

A minimum of three sets is recommended for council submission. One coloured and one black and white. You can make as many copies as you desire from any print shop.