What you'll get when you buy a plan?

Full set of building plans (1 x Colour and 1 x Black & white):

Site-plan indicating position of the house on the property, orientation on site, drainage and driveway.

Floor plan indicating rooms layout, floor finishes, dimensions, drainage, water, window and door numbers.

Roof-plan, indicating roof finishes, slope and area.

Elevations indicating finishes, window and doors and drainage.

Sections indicating height of roofs and ceilings, overhangs, typical specifications.

Typical details, such as footings, window sills and roof construction.

Ceiling plan (Option 3 and 4 only) indicating, ceiling finishes, heights, water and geyser position.

Finishes plan (Option 3 and 4 only) indicating, floor finishes, specifications and setting out.

Electrical plan (Option 3 and 4 only) indicating, plugs and light positions and specifications

SANS Calculations (energy efficiency in buildings).

SANS 10400-XA:2011SANS 204:2011.

Set of SANS 10400 FORM (Form 1).

Declaration by person responsible for preparing an application for approval of the erection of the building.

Council submission forms.

All required documentation and form to submit to the local council for council approval.

Quantities and Materials (BOC).(Options 2 and 4)

List of Materials and Quantities of the specific plan that you have ordered.